• Cleantime Celebrations

    "An Addict, Any Addict, Can Stop Using Drugs, Lose the Desire to Use, and Find a New Way to Live"

    We Do Recover: Celebration is Sunday Jan. 25 @ 8PM

         Felicia - 1 year

    New Way to Live: Celebration is Friday Jan. 31 @ 6PM

         Shanna M - 1 year

         Chris W - 3 year

         Ray N - 3 years

         Dennis - 4 years

         John A - 26 years

    Courage to Change: Celebration is Friday Jan. 31st @ 8PM

         Eddie O - 1 year

         Woody C - 4 years

         Darla W - 1 year

         Katelyn K - 4 years

         Jesse M - 6 years

         George D - 12 years

         Steve H - 17 years

  • New Way to Live: Noon Meetings on Tuesday and Thursday

    Meetings @ noon on Tuesday and Thursday

    Visit the New Way to Live Group Page for more information
  • Beachside Recover: No longer meeting on Friday Nights

    Beachside Recovery has cancelled their Friday night meetings. They still meet on Monday nights at 7PM at Riverside Presbyterian Church located at 3400 N. Atlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach, FL